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Butter chicken

Slow cooked chicken in a creamy tomato c....

Veg Platter

Harabhara Kebab, Samosa, Paneer tikka, M....


Wedding Receptions

Masala Bar and Grill is one of the best self-catering Indian wedding venues in Melbourne for Indian weddings. Visit our website for more updates on our services.

Birthday Parties

For home functions like birthday parties celebration in Melbourne you can bookings at Masala Bar and Grill. Visit our website & Book today.

Corporate Events

Masala bar and Grill can turn out to be your safest bet while looking for corporate meeting venues in Melbourne. To know more about our services and features you can visit our website.

Ladies Gala Nights

Masala bar and Grill is the perfect place for girls’ night out parties. We have bars and clubs that provide a safe and secure environment for ladies.