Desserts That Are Worth Eating Before Your Meal

"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."


While the idea of eating dessert first started as a joke, it has been established that by eating high calories before a meal, you tend to consume fewer calories afterwards, overall. Whether it is your conscience at play or the fullness of your stomach, these desserts are definitely worth skipping a meal!

Kesar Pista Falooda

Masalabar's is the Top Indian Restaurant in Melbourne for a reason. We stay authentic to Indian roots and bring the choicest selection of dishes, savoury or sweet, to your tables. Kesar Pista Falooda is one such soul-satisfying dessert, topped with oodles of pistachios and saffron. The best part is this is a chilled dessert that you can slurp!

Seasonal Delights

Gajar halwa is one of our most-request seasonal delights. The dish is a must for any Brunch Place Near Me or Panjabi Restaurant Near Me, and it is one of the most cooked desserts during the winters in Indian households. Also known as gajrela, it is made of full-fat milk, ghee and topped with copious amounts of dry fruits. The dessert is one of the staples in India. 

Gulab Jamun 

We call Gulab Jamun tiny balls of sweet heaven! Whether it is a celebration or just cravings for something sweet, Gulab Jamun is your answer to everything. This dessert is another staple in Indian meals, and it finds its place in almost every menu, whether in a restaurant or a celebratory function. If you are hungry for some and are searching for Indian Takeaway Near Me, Masalabar's offers takeaway and online ordering too!

Choco Lovers 

It is not a Fine Dine Near Me if a sophisticated place does not feature an extravagant dish loaded with the best aphrodisiac – chocolate! Masalabar's Choco Lovers dish is served with three types of chocolate ice cream – cookies' n' cream, Belgium, Rum' n' Raisin, and is topped with chocolate chips, choco chips, choco pies, and crunchy wafers. Seriously, how better can it get!?

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